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Multimetco Employee Recognition: Receiving Team Lead “ROWE”

January 17, 2024

Rowe has devoted two decades of hard work to Multimetco, where he currently serves as the Receiving Team Lead. In this role, he manages the receiving process, unloads shipments, and meticulously records incoming stock in the warehouse. Rowe also ensures that merchandise is strategically placed for easy retrieval.

Beyond his professional achievements, Rowe has a fulfilling personal life. He takes immerse pride in his 23-year successful marriage and cherishes his role as a loving father to five children and a proud grandfather to five grandchildren.

When Rowe isn’t immersed in work or family, he indulges in his passion for rap music during his free time. His movie preferences lean towards classics like “Top Gun” and “Training Day.” Fall is Rowe’s favorite season, mainly because of football, and he passionately supports the Roll Tide team.

In his leisure moments, Rowe loves to barbecue and spend quality time with friends and family. Whether it’s grilling up delicious food or simply enjoying each other’s company, he finds joy in these gatherings.