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Multimetco originally created our state-of-the-art process for reclaiming the precious metals from catalyst and other precious metals bearing material utilizing our plasma arc furnaces. As the materials are fed into the furnace, a plasma arc moves across the surface of the materials, heating them to extremely high temperatures. The plasma arc moves above the molten bath in order to distribute the tremendously intense heat. This action keeps the metal bath fluid and provides a stirring effect which most efficiently collects the precious metals.

During this process, slag flows continuously from the furnace and is cooled, crushed, and then sold to other companies for use in anything from making steel to producing aggregate.

The precious metal alloy collected contains Platinum, Palladium, and Rhodium and is tapped, cooled, and refined before being used again to produce new products such as fresh catalyst or jewelry, thus completing the full recycling loop.

Multimetco prides itself on minimal environmental impact and increasing sustainability throughout our entire refining process and facility. From our plasma arc furnaces that combust harmful elements to our safe handling of by-products, we are committed to reducing harmful emissions and preventing additions to the already taxed landfills. The refining of these critical precious metals from secondary recycling adds valuable resources back into products while avoiding the additional energy and emissions that come from mining those same metals. This leads to a significant decrease of Multimetco’s environmental footprint.